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Hot Tub and Spa Maintenance & Cleaning for Boerne, San Antonio & the Texas Hill Country

Weekly Spa and Hot Tub Maintenance Services

Owning a hot tub or spa can sound exciting, but it takes a lot of know-how to keep it maintained and safe for use.  Kept at its warm temperature, the water in a spa can become a breeding ground for bacteria and other dangerous substances.  Proper hot tub maintenance is imperative.  And Covenant Pool Services is here to provide San Antonio and Boerne with hot tub maintenance they can rely on.


Our weekly spa maintenance services keep your hot tub looking and smelling great.  Your hot tub will be ready for use when you’re ready to do a little soaking.  All you’ll have to do is set it at your desired temperature and follow your simple at-use routine and you’ll enjoy the soothing benefits of a spa without all the work.


Give us a call for a no-obligation quote on weekly spa or hot tub maintenance in Boerne, San Antonio or the surrounding Texas Hill Country.

woman relaxing in clean, balanced hot tub or spa
built-in hot tub with pool in backyard


technician testing spa water chemistry

Why is Weekly Spa Maintenance Important?

Hot tub water is the perfect incubating temperature for bacteria, mold, and other biological organisms.  A regimen of spa maintenance with proper chemical balancing is the tool used to keep these organisms from breeding in your hot tub making it unsafe for use.

However, knowing which chemicals to add and when isn’t always easy.

Too little chlorine and bacteria may begin to proliferate, too much chlorine and bathers can end up with spa rash.  PH levels that are too low can irritate your eyes and skin, while pH levels that are too high will result in cloudy water.

Relying on a spa maintenance company takes the guesswork out of owning a hot tub.

Relying on a Professional Hot Tub Maintenance Company

When you rely on hot tub maintenance professionals, you can relax and just enjoy your hot tub.  You don’t have to understand all the intricacies of spa chemicals.  Nor will you need to spend time emptying and cleaning your hot tub every quarter.


The pool and spa cleaning technicians at Covenant Pool Services will clean and evaluate your hot tub on a weekly basis.  With the chemicals balanced and the clarity maintained, you won’t experience foul smelling water.  Nor will you need to be concerned about your family or friends developing a spa rash from their time in your hot tub.


Our professionals can walk you through the simple procedure for maintaining your hot tub before and after each use.  And we can answer any questions you have about keeping your hot tub in tip-top shape.

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Making it Possible to Enjoy Your Hot Tub Through weekly Spa Maintenance Services

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Hot Tub

  • Brush spa shell
  • Remove debris above water line
  • Skim surfaces
  • Vacuum spa floor
technician testing spa water chemistry


  • Top off water if needed
  • Test PH and adjust
  • Test Total Alkalinity and adjust
  • Test calcium hardness and adjust
  • Add clarifier and/or scum digester
brown and white hot tub can be serviced by Covenant Pool Services


  • Clean spa filter
  • Test & adjust sanitizer levels
  • Sanitize and shock as necessary
  • Replace cartridge or tablets as needed
blue and red hot tub filters on edge of clean hot tub

Equipment Care

  • Wipe down & air out spa cover
  • Inspect filter system
  • Inspect jets
  • Inspect heater & thermostat
built-in hot tub with pool in backyard

Quarterly or Annual

  • Drain and refill quarterly
  • Annual filter replacement
  • Flush hot tub lines
  • Annual tune-up

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We’re located in Boerne, TX in the heart of the Texas Hill Country.  Our hot tub maintenance service area includes Boerne,  northern San Antonio, and along I-10.  We cover additional areas in the Texas Hill Country, so if you don’t see your area listed, give us a call…we just might service it.

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