Weekly Water Feature Maintenance Services

Water Feature Cleaning and Maintenance for Boerne, San Antonio & the Texas Hill Country

Weekly Water Feature Maintenance Services

For Boerne, San Antonio and The Texas Hill country

Do you have a Koi Pond, landscaping fountain, or another water feature in your Boerne or San Antonio yard?  These water elements can add or take away from the curb appeal of your home depending on how they’re maintained.  When the water is running sparkling clear, these water features are an asset to your home and landscaping.  However, when the water is overgrown with algae and other biological matter, the green or murky water can be an eye sore.   

And even though these features are small, they can take big amounts of your time in keeping them looking great.

That’s where Covenant Pool Services steps in.  We provide you with reliable services to keep your water features looking great.

Give us a call to schedule an appointment for an on-site, no-obligation quote for pond, fountain, or water feature chemical balancing and cleaning in Boerne and San Antonio.

water features in landscaping that can be serviced by Covenant Pool Services
koi pond with water features in backyard
brick backyard water fountain with clean water


koi pond with water features in backyard

Pond Maintenance

Ponds, including those with Koi or Goldfish, need to have properly balanced chemicals in the water to prevent both unsightly water and harm to the fish.  In addition, the water filtration system needs to be properly maintained and running smoothly to keep the pond at its best.


Removing debris from the surface of the water and periodically vacuuming the floor of the pond helps to reduce the buildup of algae and keep the water sparkling clean and healthy.

Fountains, Waterfalls, and More

Proper filtration and chemical balancing is the key to keeping your fountains, waterfall, and other water features in great condition.  Making sure the debris is skimmed off the top and out of the filtration system on a regular basis keeps the water circulating and the pump from prematurely wearing out.


Not sure where to start on water feature maintenance?  Give us a call for a no-obligation quote.  We provide San Antonio and Boerne water feature maintenance for fountains, backyard ponds, landscaping waterfalls, and more.


Our goal is for your water features to look great and work properly and efficiently.  You’ll love your water feature again once you don’t have to struggle with its upkeep.

water dripping off the edge of a fountain

Bringing Curb Appeal to Your Home Through weekly Water Feature Maintenance Services

stone water fountain with clean water


koi pond with water features in backyard


water features in landscaping that can be serviced by Covenant Pool Services

and More

Why Choose Covenant Pool Services?


Covenant Pool Services has dedicated pool technicians with extensive experience in maintaining pools, hot tubs, and home water features like ponds and fountains.


The Webb family, owners of Covenant Pool Services and Covenant Pest Control, is known for on-time, dependable service performed with careful attention to detail.


While we may not be the least expensive service around, we are fairly priced so that we can provide you with fully trained technicians who are covered by liability insurance.

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We’re located in Boerne, TX in the heart of the Texas Hill Country.  Our service area includes Boerne, San Antonio, Fair Oaks Ranch, and Leon Springs.  If you don’t see your area listed, give us a call…we just might service it.

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